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Preview: Gilbert Gottfried/Zanies

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Mostly known as that guy with the nasally, grating voice that at times sounds like a giant cockatoo protecting its young (which is probably why he played “Iago” the parrot in Disney’s “Aladdin”), the legendary Gilbert Gottfried has made a pretty damn good living based on being the king of the loudmouths, and popping up in places you’d least expect him (The Cosby Show? The 1980 season of SNL?). But as a public comic figure, Gottfried simply adheres to the golden rule of stand-up: push the boundaries of civility and political correctness. After almost thirty years of comedy, Gottfried’s best-known moments—his belittling impression of Andrew Dice Clay and his beyond vulgar post-9/11 “Aristocrats” speech at the Hugh Hefner Roast—have flown directly in the face of popular opinion, which is evidence of a comedian who knows how to shake a few feathers. Although, we’ll forgive him for guest starring on “Hollywood Squares.” (Andy Seifert)

January 15, at Zanies, 1548 N. Wells, (312)337-4027.

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