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Preview: Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth/Blushing Poppy Productions

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Butoh artist Nicole LeGette explores the mercurial nature of the self in this solo performance that uses simplicity, intimacy and visceral potency as tools of the craft. LeGette’s last evening-length performance (last spring’s wild, beautiful, hilarious, disturbing “disRuptureEnrapture”) was an ensemble piece highlighted by outrageous, absurd and carnivalesque moments; for “Of Marrow, Moonlight & Mirth” she returns to delicacy and “modest proportions.” Identity is parsed in three acts—“A discourse of daily life,” “A discourse of fantasy life” and “A discourse of emotional life”—and framed by sparse, roughshod costuming, props and DIY lighting. LeGette is Chicago’s master of an enigmatic, mysterious and delicate craft; she works in shadows and stillness and is an expert puppeteer of both. (Sharon Hoyer)

Fasseas Whitebox Theater at Menomonee Club for Boys & Girls, 1535 North Dayton. November 9 -11, Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm. $15 at the door, $12 in advance. Tickets at

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