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Preview: River North Dance Chicago/Harris Theater

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Photo: Cheryl Mann


River North’s fall concert highlights new works by first-time collaborators with the company, including Adam Barruch and rising star Nejla Yatkin. Ms. Yatkin has created a solo piece for Jessica Wolfrum—a fiery, powerful work in which Wolfrum phoenixes from an endless, flowing gown. Though she works with her own company, the solo is Yatkin’s forte, and how she exclusively worked for the first seven years of her choreographic career. “Solos teach you how to go in depth and clarify your style,” she says. “And to create intimacy with the audience that you don’t have when you perform as a group.” Her piece is called “Renatus,” meaning “rebirth,” and deals with letting go of the old and stepping into the unknown. Other pieces on the program include company favorites “Three” by Robert Battle, and “Forbidden Boundaries” and “The Good Goodbyes” by Artistic Director Frank Chaves. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Harris Theater, 205 East Randolph, (312)334-7777. Friday and Saturday, November 16 and 17 at 8pm. $30-$75.

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