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Preview: NEXT/Mordine and Company

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Photo courtesy Matthew Gregory Hollis

Photo courtesy Matthew Gregory Hollis


NEXT is an annual showcase of new works by recipients of the Mordine & Co choreographic mentorship—a long-standing tradition of the forty-four-year-old company. This year’s program features pieces by current Mordine mentees Penelope Hearne and Liana C. Percoco as well as a multimedia solo by company member Monica Thomas and a guest appearance by the breathtaking Ayako Kato, who received mentorship under Mordine in 2010. Kato will perform a portion of her “Untitled” series (the title is apt for an artist so skilled at bringing unnameable to life)—a reflection on the balance between composition and improvisation. Kato’s solo work stands in contrast to Mordine & Co’s “All at Once/Acts of Renewal, ” a full-company piece inspired by the multilayered simultaneity of our hyperconnected world. “All at Once” layers, introduces, mixes up and cuts short ideas rapid-fire; one must choose where to look for there’s no way to catch it all. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater, 3035 North Hoyne. Thursday and Friday, May 16 and 17 at 7:30pm. $14. Tickets available at

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