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Preview: Rodin/Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg

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Photo courtesy Nikolay Krusser

Photo courtesy Nikolay Krusser


Boris Eifman is the writer’s choreographer; his muse is the figure of the artist, the genius, the madman. His theatrical ballets have emerged from the real and imagined psyches of Don Quixote, Hamlet, Anna Karenina, the Karamazovs, Tchaikovsky and, most recently, Auguste Rodin and his tumultuous relationship with his colleague, muse and lover Camille Claudel. Eifman’s “Rodin” opens with Claudel in the asylum (where she spent out the last thirty years of her life), then travels back in time through Rodin’s memory—meeting his young student turned lover, co-author of his works, subject and object of creative jealousy. While Eifman’s dramatic choreography in the hands of his company—technically flawless dancers and strong actors both—could easily carry the psychology and story, the theatricality in “Rodin” is spectacular in scope; sets, costumes, props and movement equally contribute to a visually luscious mise en scene, heightened by brilliant lighting that helps transform a stretchy piece of cloth into living clay, the people beneath it into sculptures. Want spectacle? Drama? Sex? Great storytelling? Catch it live at the Auditorium Theatre this weekend. The summer movies will be there for a while. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Auditorium Theatre, 50 East Congress, (800)982-2787. May 17-19, Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm. $30-$90.

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