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Preview: Rhythm World/Chicago Human Rhythm Project

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Photo courtesy Fernando Galeane

Photo courtesy Fernando Galeane


Although the performances are just about to open, CHRP’s Rhythm World festivities have been in full swing for more than a week. The event is a global magnet for students and teachers alike; some of the best percussive dance artists in the world come for a fortnight to teach workshops, courses and master classes at the new American Rhythm Center in the Loop. Now, the rest of us spectators have the challenge of figuring out how many evenings of vibrant, playful, witty, inspiring tap dance we can attend. Things kick off Monday July 29 at Jazz Showcase, with Rhythm World faculty and students performing with jazz musicians in a deliciously intimate venue. Things move to a slightly larger stage Wednesday and Thursday, when special guests perform at the MCA. Wednesday features Broadway—Tony and Emmy winners, “STOMP” alum—and (perhaps a hint about the winner of the “Virtual Rhythms” videography contest) Bronzeville; Thursday is CHRP’s focus on the rhythms of Brazil, with a few Broadway stars thrown in for good measure. A last-minute addition to the schedule takes place Friday at the Fine Arts Building, featuring student performances from around the globe. Saturday it’s back to the MCA for a grand finale of favorites. (Sharon Hoyer)

Through August 4 at various venues. Full schedule available at or call (312)542-2477. $25-$32.

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