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Preview: Play/Pause/Susan Marshall & Company at Dance Center of Columbia College

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Play:Pause_Susan Marshall & Company_photo provided by company 1RECOMMENDED

Since the advent of MTV, music videos have been the primary source for our common dance language and YouTube just made it easier for audiences to gain fluency. Now one could learn “Thriller” top to bottom or the “Gangnam Style” gallop with considerably more ease—no more cumbersome switching between rewind, pause and slow-mo. New York-based Susan Marshall & Co made a couple slick, sexy music videos of their own, complete with stiletto heels and plentiful lens flare—in the creation of “Play/Pause,” their new piece that draws from wells of YouTube, contemporary dance and indie rock. Company members perform altered fragments of the dances in the video, which are set to a commissioned score by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lang and performed live by electric noise-guitar rockers Dither. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 South Michigan, (312)369-8330. Thursday-Saturday, September 19-21 at 8pm. $26-$30.

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