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Preview: Generations/Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

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A recent visit to South Africa inspired Deeply Rooted to add a suite of short repertory pieces to their fall program. The company was the first from the U.S. to attend the international JOMBA! Festival in Durban, South Africa and “The Dance We Dance” suite” was so well received that artistic director Kevin Iega Jeff decided to bring it back home. The title of the program refers to the generations of choreographers represented in the program, from established artists to emerging talent like Nicole Clarke-Springer, who presents “Hadiya,” a new work about the killing of a teenage girl, shot in the back while talking with friends in Chicago’s Harsh Park. Hadiya Project Workshops for teens lead up to the performances, providing a creative space for kids to reflect on and respond to street violence that plagues communities in Chicago and around the country. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Harris Theater, 205 East Randolph, (312)334-7777. Friday, November 1 at 8pm. $40-$65.

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