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Preview: Break Out!/Chicago Dancemakers Forum

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Photo courtesy William Frederking

Photo courtesy William Frederking


The Chicago Dancemakers Forum celebrates ten years of sponsoring local dance artists by filling the MCA with performances by past grant recipients. Dozens of choreographers have developed their voice as CDF Lab Artists and many of them will perform from 1pm-5pm on Saturday November 16—all seen for the price of museum admission. The alumni reunion will fill galleries and the MCA stage; in the theater: Carrie Hanson, Ayako Kato, Shirley Mordine, Rachel Bunting, Hema Rajagopalan, Peter Carpenter, Molly Shanahan and Rachel Damon to just name a few. In the galleries: Atalee Judy, Nicole LeGette and Ginger Krebs, Erica Mott, Asimina Chremos, dance films by Nadia Oussenko and many more. The evening program will commence at 7pm: a reception and fundraiser to benefit the continued work of CDF. The evening program features excerpts from evening-length works by Hedwig Dances, Kristina Isabelle, Darrell Jones, Zephyr Dance, Lucky Plush, Erica Mott and blushing poppy productions. Want to learn more about the Chicago dance scene that has blossomed over the last fifteen years? Saturday will be a crash course. (Sharon Hoyer)

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 East Chicago, (312)397-4010. Saturday, November 16 from 1pm-5pm and at 7pm. Evening performance tickets are $50.

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