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Preview: Terms and Conditions/Philip Elson Dance

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We live during the reign of tweets, selfies and Google Chat. We live in a time where ambiguous digital forces know more about the intimate details of your life than your next-door neighbor: from who friended you last night on Facebook to brand of the water filter you ordered from Amazon. Is our privacy being threatened? How do we respond? Are we even aware?

Philip Elson explores these questions of privacy and vulnerability in his debut full-length performance, “Terms and Conditions.” He describes his work as a “dance theater hybrid production.” Performers in everyday clothing dance in front of and among technological visuals to cinematic music composed largely by Elson himself. Choreography incorporates a sense of flow and technique but emphasizes revealing the raw feelings and sensations that arise when our sense of privacy is threatened. Elson plays with culturally accepted but out-of-context gestures. Certain pieces toe the line of acceptability and daring, testing the limits of how far we will let another person enter our space. (Lauren Nelson)

At Links Hall at Constellation, 3111 North Western. Friday-Sunday, March 14-16 at 7pm. For tickets, visit

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