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Where are you now? Where are you going? What lies between those spaces? “From Here to There” invites us into a literal and metaphoric journey into these questions. The collaborative project, installed in Bridgeport Art Center, is the creation of more than twenty artists as part of Chicago-based arts collective, NON:op.

Canopies, sculptures and other structural installations guide audience members or rather, participants, on a literal path through the warehouse space where they encounter music, dance, video, and the visual arts among other artistic forms. Participants may choose which elements to focus on, the position of their viewing and how long they stay in a space. Like the proverbial blind men describing different parts of an elephant, each persona will walk away with a different experience.

Installation artists Salome Chasnoff and Lauren La Rose sit under a canopy weaving together from across a table, accompanied by video and objects crafted from recycled materials. Curator Christopher Preissing has composed a variety of musical works using graphic scores; these “sound experiences” include vocals performed in both pedestrian and operatic fashion. Preissing also employs vibrating platforms and long strings stretched throughout the room which resonate when played by hand. Carmen Helena Tellez has also composed music for the performance based on a Venezuelan poem. The music creates paintings out of sound as vocal melodies shape themselves from playful fragments. Installation artist Gwendolyn Terry has created a sculpture resembling a tangle of prayer flags: pieces of fabric imprinted with images reflecting the Axis Mundi, a mythological symbol of the connection between heaven and earth.

These works, as well as the work of many other artists and the contributions of performers, each invite us into a different state of mind: into a visceral and concrete present moment. Into an experience of movement and color, of space and sound. And just maybe this experience will change something as you embark on your quest for the next “there,” wherever that may be. (Lauren Nelson)

NON:op at the Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 West 35th. Thursday, April 24, 8pm. Fri & Sat, April 25 & 26 at 8pm & 10pm. Tickets: $20 general admission, $15 students and seniors. Purchase online at

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