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Preview: Season Four/PRODUCE

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Photo:  Julie Ballard

Photo: Julie Ballard


The fourth and final season of critically acclaimed dance-and-music-improv mashup PRODUCE is a must-see. Hosts Lauren Warnecke, dancer, writer and educator behind Art Intercepts, and Anthony Ingram, member of Signal Ensemble Theatre, lead a cast of dancers, visual artists and musicians through an improvisational odyssey, informed by the creative energy of the moment and audience feedback. The idea behind the series is to not only push the boundaries of the participating artists by radically mixing ingredients and seeing what flavors result, but also to demystify the creative process for the audience, pulling off any veil of intimidation surrounding artists to reveal the playfulness and fun of creative production. This year’s participants include The Space/Movement Project, Mad Shak alum Jessie Marasa and Ben Law, Ashley Deran and dancers, and visual artist Jason Javar Lawrence who creates under the name Door Ascender’s Merkaba. This is it folks, so if you want to participate in what Warnecke has described as a reality TV show for live performance, stay in town this weekend. (Sharon Hoyer)

PRODUCE at Signal Ensemble Theatre, 1802 West Berenice. Friday and Saturday, August 8 and 9 at 7:30pm. After-party with DJ Wak, Saturday at 9pm. $12. Tickets at

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